Our vision

We believe that medical cannabis has untapped potential. We want to create easy and safe access to medical cannabis. That’s why we are creating the largest platform for easy and fast access to cannabis and distributing the best and most desirable brands and products.

We are shaping a future where producers, pharmacies and doctors can work together easily and efficiently to ensure the best possible care for patients. Our vision is based on trust, quality and seamless interactions between partners and customers to set new standards for the industry.

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Our mission

We create the largest platform for easy and fast access to cannabis and distribute the best and most sought-after brands and products.

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⸻ Mission

We are pioneers, advocates, implementers, leaders -
and brothers. We are trailblazers.

– Benedikt & Jakob Sons, Founders & Managing Directors

⸻ Founder

As a traditional wholesaler, we have dared to grow beyond the conventional by converting 50% of our business to a brand-oriented model and becoming the driving force behind an entire industry.

This strategic shift was not only a change in our operational processes, but also a reinvention of our market presence. Today, our branded products are not just available, they are leading. You benefit from our established distribution channels, which ensure seamless market penetration and direct access to patients. This is not just simple growth, but growth that is reinforced by strategic foresight.


Customers &

We count many satisfied customers from the pharmacy sector, industry and the public sector among our partners.

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We have a large network of strong partners with whom we work together on a long-term basis.

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