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These are the best founders of Frankfurt

Radio chips for ambulances, medicinal cannabis, a landmarked inn – this year’s finalists of the 30,000 Euro start-up prize show that there is much more to the growing start-up scene in the city than financial technology.

3. Place Cansativa

For Benedikt and Jakob Sons, the past weeks have probably gone by like a rush. One and a half years ago the brothers, 28 and 30 years old respectively, founded their start-up for the legal cannabis trade. This February, an American investment fund invested eight million euros in them. Three weeks ago they were the first European company to be granted a licence to import medical cannabis from Latin America. In autumn they want to open a large warehouse with sales offices and production space in Mörfelden. And yesterday they finished third in the Frankfurt Founder’s Prize and received 7,500 euros in prize money.