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Significant next step to professionalize medical cannabis market

Cansativa and DaVinci announce partnership for development & production of medical cannabis vaporizers

Cansativa GmbH expands its portfolio with its Cansativa Medical Devices business. Medical devices entrepreneur Dr. Markus Haller becomes managing director. In cooperation with DaVinci, Cansativa Medical Devices launches its own cannabis vaporizer developed exclusively for medical purposes.

Cansativa’s mission is to professionalize the medical cannabis industry and to play a pioneering role in this market. A team of health technology specialists at Cansativa Medical Devices is currently developing based on DaVinci’s state-of-the-art evaporator technology and its own intellectual property new certified medical devices. Benedikt Sons, Co-Founder of Cansativa, underlines:

“This partnership brings us a big step closer to the realization of our vision of safe access to medical cannabis for a larger group of patients. With the development of a state-of-the-art medical vaporizer, the young industry will become even more professional.”

Evaporation is particularly fit for medical purposes, as no toxic combustion substances are produced. The active ingredients tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) can thus be efficiently and safely administered. As health insurance companies cover the costs of the medical vaporizers, a fast and easy distribution among patients is possible.

Unlike other medical cannabis wholesalers, Cansativa takes a new approach: Through vertical integration, the company takes on key responsibilities along the entire value chain. With its new product lines, the company consistently expands its business model and demonstrates once again its operational excellence. Cansativa’s founders are delighted to announce Dr. Markus Haller taking over the management of Cansativa Medical Devices. Dr. Markus Haller emphasizes:

“Thanks to this partnership, we have secured access to vaporizers as medical devices for patients worldwide. As an owner-managed company, we aim to have a long-term impact. We bolster our commitment to making the Cansativa Group a sustainable and strong enterprise.”

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