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One-stop shop for medical cannabis: Cansativa® continues to expand product range with Pedanios and Aurora products

Starting immediately, pharmacies can order Pedanios flowers and full-extract oil from the Canadian manufacturer Aurora through Cansativa®. The existing Cansativa® range, including Tweed preparations from the Canadian manufacturer Canopy Growth, and products from the Dutch manufacturer Bedrocan, is constantly being expanded.

Up to now, pharmacies have had the choice of whether to purchase Aurora products directly from the manufacturer or through another distribution partner. The expansion of the Cansativa® portfolio means that pharmacies can now purchase a broad variety of medical cannabis products (dried flower) from different manufacturers as well as, for the first time, a full-extract oil,all from a single specialized wholesaler.

Cansativa® has been marketing Canopy Growth’s Tweed products since early 2020 and has been continuously adding Bedrocan products to its portfolio over the last two years.

In addition to these products falling under the German Narcotic Drugs Act, the company also carries several medical accessories. For example, pharmacies can also order vaporizers, cannabis grinders and medical cannabis capsule containers for their customers.

“We want to further develop our reputation as a single point of sale for medical cannabis and offer our customers service tailored to medical cannabis. It is important to improve the reliability of supply of Germany’s medical cannabis market. This expansion of our product range is another step toward a “one-stop shop” offering our customers an even more comprehensive product and service portfolio.”

All products are available for pharmacies to order via fax, e-mail, an inventory management system (MSV3), or through the Cansativa® portal. Product information will be provided for health care professionals.

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