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Cansativa strengthens supply security for medical cannabis in the German market with manufacturing and import authorization along with GMP certificate

DFollowing successful inspections by the regional authority, Cansativa GmbH now holds a manufacturing and import license for medical cannabis for both operating sites in Germany. This makes Cansativa the only pharmaceutical company in the German medical cannabis market to have more than one GMP certified facility as an importer and wholesaler.

The Frankfurt company Cansativa receives a manufacturing and an import license for medical cannabis after successful GMP approval inspections within the framework of the German Medicinal Products Act (Arzneimittelgesetz). This certification enables the import and marketing of medical cannabis products from all over the world via the two operating sites of the company headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. The pharmaceutical company will thus be able to control the major phases of the sales process in-house from its own distribution centers in the future. The milestone expands the portfolio of suppliers to include companies from non-EU countries. Cansativa is already working closely with trusted partners from abroad to enable treatment with medical cannabis for as many seriously ill patients as possible. Instead of relying on a few individual manufacturers, Cansativa now strengthens its supply security with this broad global sourcing approach and considerably contributes to the professionalization of the still young German medical cannabis market in the long term.

Benedikt Sons, CEO and Founder of Cansativa, emphasizes:

“Commonly, people often talk about the existence of a large number of so-called importers in Germany. This is incomplete terminology. In terms of pharmaceutical law, an import in the actual sense always requires a batch release by a GMP-certified domestic manufacturer. In our market segment, there are very few companies besides Cansativa that can meet these requirements. Unlike most of our competitors, we are no longer just trading, we are manufacturing. This milestone allows us to move from being a wholesaler to a pharmaceutical company,”

says Jakob Sons, General Counsel and Founder of Cansativa

Cansativa is thus a pioneer in the industry and is constantly working to improve cannabis therapies. In addition, the company offers highly professional, integrated in-house solutions for relevant questions relating to medical cannabis, opening the market to new entrants.

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